Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two And A Half Men Plans To Hold A Funeral For Charlie Sheen

Back in March, trainwreck actor Charlie Sheen was fired from his leading role on Two and a Half Men and today we learn that the show will give his character a big send-off when it returns this Fall with Ashton Kutcher as his replacement. According to new reports out today, Men plans on holding a [...]

Last night David and I were invited over to Ollie and Caleb’s home for a home cooked meal and we JUMPED at the chance to go. We’ve graciously been invited to Ollie and Caleb’s before so we knew that it would be a great time (with some great food). David, I’m afraid, was prolly more excited by the fact that he was going to get to hang out with the love his life … Ollie and Caleb’s pet pooch Daphne.

I’m not even kidding you … David is in LOVE with Daphne. He lives for every photo that Ollie shares of Daphne so, yeah, he was in heaven last night. Much love and thanks goes out to Ollie and Caleb for hosting us last night. The lobster ravioli was TO DIE FOR and the convo, as always, was the best. We also got to preview the new EP that Ollie is planning to release next month. Trust me, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it soon.

Tonight, David and I are meeting up with Emma and Josh at the Music Box to see Naked and Famous in concert. David is in love with this new band so we’re gonna check ‘em out live. Should be fun, Happy Tuesday!

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