Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beyoncé Has A Busy Schedule This Week!

It's our favorite kind of week! A very Beyoncé one!
The singer took to Facebook to not only announce her upcoming appearance on The View this Thursday, but also that she's schedule to drop by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform the second single off of her latest album, 4, Best Thing I Never [...]

Soap fans across the world were served a sliver of hope earlier this month when it was announced that two long-standing daytime favorites that are facing the ax come the fall will find new life online. However, it seems that one show could still be at risk due to contract negotiations.

Here's the story.

All My Children is set to air its last televised episode on September 23rd on ABC. It was anticipated that the show would then hit the web just a few days later. However, while taking a show from TV to the Internet sounds simple enough, there are still many factors to consider before the switch, namely monetary ones. The formation of new budgets and contract negotiations with production unions and guilds have to happen first, thus the return to Pine Valley may be postponed until early 2012.

It's bummer, but it's better than losing it all together!

Are U prepared for the end and a new beginning?

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