Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crystal Apologizes To Hef Kind Of!

A little late for apologies, don't you think?
Crystal Harris recently showed her true colors by appearing on Howard Stern and revealing some pretty private details regarding her failed relationship with Hugh Hefner, but apparently now, she's realized how disgusting her behavior was, and has taken to Twitter to apologize - sort of!
She writes:
“The Stern [...]

And they deserve answers! This was TERRIFYING!

Earlier this month, we were disturbed when we heard that the main stage collapsed (above) at Ottawa's Bluesfest mere MINUTES after Cheap Trick ended their set and exited the stage!

Now, the members of Cheap Trick have spoken up and the want to know what caused the stage to collapse after their set.

Here's what the band's manager Dave Frey had to say about it:

"We simply want to know: what are the companies and organizers doing to protect the next act and the next audience? Every act and every fan out to be asking the same question when attending an outside musical event."

"Was it a design flaw? Was it an implementation mistake? These are important questions that must be answered."

Hopefully they're able to figure out exactly what happened so this kind of thing NEVER occurs again. So, so scary!

Why do U think the stage collapsed after Cheap Trick's Ottawa set?

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