Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sitch Fires Back At Lawsuit Filed By Management Company

Mo' money, mo' problems, dude!
The Situation is getting sued by Gotham NYC Entertainment who claims that the Jersey Shore star dumped the company without giving them any notice.
Gotham say that The Sitch wrongfully fired them after they insist they took him from "relative obscurity" to stardom. They also say that he was required [...]

America's favorite serial killer vigilante Dexter is coming back this fall and we've got even more deets about the upcoming season.

Executive producer Sara Colleton discusses Deb, Lumen, and more after the jump! And there ARE spoilers so you've been warned!

When asked if Lumen will return this season, Sara says:

"We don't know that yet. It's not something that we've talked about because we really try to focus on having a complete season, but we've accumulated what I call the 'hanging chads' that will always be there to explore. Lumen is out there in the world and she knows everything there is to know about Dexter. That's a chad. We never really dealt with Kyle Butler and Jonah Mitchell [Brando Eaton] knowing that it was Dexter, so there's that. And Quinn — Dexter completely breaks his code and does this wonderfully altruistic thing, where he gives Quinn a pass because he loves his sister. One of the things that I can safely say is that by the time our series ends, all of those hanging chads will come back into play."

Will Deb finally learn about Dexter?

"I can tell you this: This is the last time we will dangle that. There will be a season in which that will have to be explored. It's too important. We felt that we needed to see Deb evolve first. If we did that before, there would be a handful of ways she would react, whereas she's more evolved now."

Is there a possibility that the show will jump ahead in time?

"We don't know yet. Last year, we started immediately; literally two seconds after the last episode, so I don't know the answer yet. Cody, Astor and Harrison will always be in his life."

What about the future of Dexter?

"I feel Dexter must go out with a big bang and not a whimper. We're trying to figure with Showtime and Michael C. Hall how many more years the show can still be kept at the level we need it to be and backtrack from there. We're trying to figure that out now. As long as there is a fresh way to advance Dexter's character that leads us into another aspect of human nature or human emotion he's never experienced, then it's still fresh. We're very aware of that."

This just makes us thirsty for more! The sixth season is said to be explosive and we just can't wait to find out what's in store for Dexter!

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