Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cee Lo Hits On Kelly Rowland HARD!

Bow chicka bow wow!
Cee-Lo Green, the self-proclaimed lady killer, was recently asked by Kelly Rowland on how exactly he defines the term.
Cee-Lo then leaned into his apparent long-time crush and began answering in a loong, smoooth tone.
We'd tell you what he said, but written words just can't do it justice. You need to [...]

Casey Anthony is about to walk free, but her mother might be next in line for court.

The State Attorney's Office is currently determining whether or not they will charge Cindy Anthony with perjury.

Prosecutors had expert witnesses testify about the number of times the words chloroform and neck breaking were searched on Anthony's computer months.

When the claims were made that Casey made the searches, Cindy took to the stand saying it very well could have been her.

Her testimony? Chloroform could have come up when she was searching for chlorophyll. And neck breaking for a skate boarding accident.

Her claims were later found to be false when her supervisors both testified she was at work during the times of the searches.

OMGosh, this story just keeps getting crazier. At least now we know where Casey gets her lying from.

If the state decides to go ahead with charges, could U blame them?

[Image via AP Images.]

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