Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Might Not Be Curtains For Chord Overstreet On Glee Just Yet!

We all need to just take a deep breath and read the fine print!
Here's the sitch:
Over the weekend, the news spread that Chord Overstreet won't be back on Glee this coming season. People were outraged! There was looting in the street, babies crying and death threats to the powers that be over at McKinley High.
Okay, [...]

It appears Michael Jackson left more secrets than we thought!

Of his many hidden treasures lies a secret art collection that is now in the middle of an 'international tug-of-war.'

The fortune, which consists of 182 rarities including a myriad goodies from MJ originals to a rocking chair JFK used to sit in, is appraised at an unbelievable $902.52 million!

While this could have ensured his children's lives of luxury, it has unfortunately been bought out in a 'bargain basement' deal for a measly $87 mil in comparison.

Jackson's estate lawyers are moving swiftly to block the purchase that an undisclosed international business man already put $37 mil down for.

Wow! That's cray-cray! It begs a good question, though. Why didn't Michael already have this in his will for the children?

More secrets to be found out!? We'll see!!

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