Friday, May 11, 2012

Gwen Stefanis Family Is Cooler Than YOU Will Ever Be

Gwen Stefani packed up the family — hubby Gavin Rossdale and sons Kingston James McGregor & Zuma Nesta Rock — for a wee shopping excursion to find shoes for the boys and proved, without even trying, that they are not only the coolest family around … but they are cooler that any of us will [...]

Yesterday afternoon, Darion and I made our way downtown to attend the 2011 Anime Expo going on at the Convention Center this weekend so that we could attend the Hatsune Miku concert. Hatsune Miku, you ask? Well, she is the world’s first hologram popstar. She is a computer generated singer who has been all the rage in Japan for the past few years. Last night’s concert was her first ever here in the US. As a big Jem and the Holograms fan from back in the day, there was no way I was gonna miss seeing this real life hologram concert.

Altho Miku isn’t a real person, her backing band is made up of real people … 10 people, to be exact. A 6-person string section, guitarist, basist, keyboardist and drummer. She also has 3 hologram friends who perform with her sometimes. Here are some photos of what Miku looks like on stage:

I’m telling you … photos do not do justice to how cool Miku looks “in person”. She is a fully realized 3D life-sized character. Obvs, she looks flat in photos but in person, her 3D projected hologram form is really freakin’ cool to see. Because she sings in Japanese, Darion and I had no idea what she was singing about but I’d say 98% of that audience knew every word. This computer generated popstar has got a lot of fans here in LA. We had a blast. It was really cool to see … if you get the chance, I recommend checking her out.

Yeah, that was pretty much our day. This afternoon, we are BBQing with our friends Jim and Derek. Happy 4th Weekend, y’all!

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